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Watch our Video on How to apply the QuickBrace

The Quick Brace™ Ear Taping System was designed to be the lightest, kindest, and most effective ear bracing method for all dogs requiring ear stance. 

Used by veterinarians, breeders, and individual dog owners alike, the Quick Brace™ has been the number one ear stance training aid for 50 years. 

The easiest to apply and most comfortable system for ear stance training ever designed, more than one million braces applied since its introduction - everything you need comes with each Quick Brace Kit including a hotline when you have questions.

Watch 9 puppies playing together safely while all wearing a Quick Brace!


Contact us now to order the only aid for achieving ear stance with your dog that you will ever need. Each kit is custom-made to your needs and your dog's measurements. 

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